This is the section with all our official links. Check each link and beware of fake links! Remember, no BomberZilla team member Dms you first!
Stay tuned only to our official links 📌
  • B. Nobody from the Bomberzilla team will ever direct message you to announce a giveaway or claim that you have won something in a giveaway. We encourage users to turn off allowing DMs from the server in Privacy Settings for their protection.
  • C. Bomberzilla will never ask you to authorize your wallet for a promotion. We will never ask for your passwords or wallet seed phrase, even to help troubleshoot issues you are facing. Do not ever give out your seed phrase! You must check every time you connect your wallet and authorize any transaction.
  • D. Do not click on links you do not know. Always triple-check the exact spelling and domain of web addresses and also social networks with which you interact do not fall for scams and fake accounts. The BomberZilla main website is, other official domains are in the Websites section.