Bomberzilla universe
BomberZilla is a fast-paced game that has attracted the most skilled champions and undefeated warriors from across the universe in search of worthy opponents and glorious prizes.
The competitors are searching for fair and high-stake tournaments to satiate their craving for epic battles against worthy and honourable opponents. At Zillaland, a mystical utopian flying island built by the most skilled BomberZ, these competitors will come to find what they are looking for - a convergence of champions.
This mystical land is home to beings with a variety of powers. They compete in the local explosive tournaments to hone their valuable skills for fame and riches.
Skill is what matters the most in the BomberZilla games. It is all you need for a shot at extraordinary rewards. As long as you stand out in the various arenas that the BomberZilla games have to offer and outperform your competitors, the rewards can be yours.
To be considered a legend on this mythical island, you must become a skilled BomberZ on the battlefield and blast your opponents away. Your avatar can be more potent with power-ups, skins, and items that enhance battle performance.
As easy as it seems, these deadly challenges involve going head-to-head with highly-skilled opponents in highly competitive arenas and challenging labyrinths.
Formulate your best combat strategy, blast your opponents away, and survive for as long as you can to amplify your rewards from each battle!