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If you are a game fanatic and are fond of the games released in the 80s or 90s, or want to taste how it was during this pivotal period, then Bomberzilla is the game for you!
Many people have great memories of their time enjoying video games before the internet existed. It was a revolutionary period that steered the entertainment industry to how it is today. With the internet's arrival and a new gaming era, these old games faded out. The new technology provided new games with different styles.
After some time, the demand for the return of retro-themed games started picking up, and that's where Bomberzilla comes in - a mix of the past with the contemporary.
Years after the technological advent of the internet, blockchain technology evolved, opening up a new set of possibilities. Leveraging this novel advancement, we built a game with many exciting features.
Players can get power-ups to get stronger, people from around the world can interact with each other in a fun way, and you can customize characters according to your preferences with the different NFTs made available to you.