World Cup BBZ

Universe's biggest event!

The most anticipated championship involving spheres in the whole universe is about to begin: The BomberZilla World Cup!

And we have prepared an extremely competitive scheme.

1st Phase

In the first stage, 256 players will face each other in customized matches, with 32 matches with eight players. Only the winners in each match will advance to the next stage

2nd Phase

The second stage will be in the format of counted points. The 32 remaining players will be divided into eight groups. Each group will have to play four qualifying matches. Points will be awarded according to the final ranking:
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
1st place: 3 pts;
2nd place: 2 pts;
3rd place: 1 pts.
Each group's player with the highest score will advance to the next stage.

3rd Phase - Final

Finally, the eight remaining players will have to face each other in a single match to decide who will win the first BomberZilla World Cup. First, second and third place will be awarded.
We are preparing amazing rewards for this tournament, so stay tuned! It's your opportunity to get off to a great start in the BomberZilla universe! Other themed events will take place to celebrate special dates and momentous occasions for our community.