Common questions

❓ How was the team formed?
➡️ We met a few years ago while playing games and interacting on crypto Telegram groups and Discord communities. We all have experience and professional training in our respective areas of expertise and blockchain projects. We have been part of this environment for quite some time now. We know the ins and outs of this market.
“The earliest adopters at the scale of crypto were gamers.” —Brock Pierce.
Do you intend to identify yourself?
➡️ There were several projects with developers and founders who are identified and doxxed and yet still slow-rugged their projects. This is almost common knowledge. Therefore, having identified team members is not synonymous with having a trustworthy team.
CZ himself, the owner of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, recently issued a tweet (08.14.22) admitting that only 50 out of 7000 of his employees have real accounts on LinkedIn.
There are many projects with supposedly identified founders, who make frequent video calls in their communities and show their names and profiles on Linkedin, but it turns out that these were just fake or purchased accounts. The fact is that many developers slow rug, despite being identified.
Sushiswap and YFI are examples of successful projects with anonymous developers. "In Code, We Trust '' is a well-known phrase used in the cryptocurrency area. Many projects, like NanoDoge, continue to "rugpull" despite having doxxed developers. Therefore, "Doxxing'' is a bit of a misnomer. You should always do your research and never risk an amount that you cannot afford or need to liquidate in a very short time.
About deadlines and deliveries?
➡️ We know how important deadlines are. We are also aware that most projects fail to meet deadlines set by themselves. That's because they fall into the temptation of trying to convince their investors with promises that are difficult to keep or promises that include the development of poorly-planned solutions.
We are offering an ecosystem that is ready to go. This is what makes us unique. We are not relying on investors’ funds to create something that we plan to execute.
To avoid over-promising, we will avoid announcing dates or deadlines for the community. Our strategy will be to surprise with undeniable, well-made, and coherent deliveries so that the project will be shipped to the public with its potential fully achieved.
What is this project about?
➡️ BomberZilla (BBZ) is a blockchain-based online game that allows players to collect items, compete, bet, and earn rewards.
We are players. We are artists. We are investors. We love technology. We know what it takes to build an immersive gaming experience! Trust the process and participate in this exciting journey we are creating.
About Similarity to Other Games?
➡️ The use of "reference" and "inspiration" are not problems as the aesthetic similarity is not sufficient to constitute copyright infringement. The project is not under any legal risk and does not infringe any copyright.
About being a Play to Earn
➡️ We understand the great difficulties that led to the failure of the movement of the P2E-type game. This is why we've created an entirely new segment that isn't subject to the same dilemmas faced by our predecessors. Our experience has allowed us to overcome obstacles and innovate to create something unparalleled.
❓ Does BomberZilla have a RoadMap?
➡️ Yes, you can check it out here. Link here!
Where can I learn more?
➡️ You can check out our whitepaper for all updates and complete explanations. We will also publish articles on Medium weekly, where you will find a lot of important information about the development and features of the project. . - Medium link here!
Will there be an AMA?
➡️ We are still looking for the best place to host our first AMA session. This will ideally be done before listings in Track Analyzers (CMC and CG).
What currency will BomberZilla rewards be paid in?
➡️ BBZ
Does the game have any mechanics to play and keep players for a long time?
➡️ BomberZilla will have many different game modes along with an extremely balanced ecosystem that will meet the expectations of the most different types of players and investors. Users can collect items, compete, bet, and earn amazing rewards. More complete information can be found in the Tokenomics.
Will there be a player ranking?
➡️ Yes, there will be. Details are in our whitepaper - Ranking
How to win a match?
➡️ The last player to remain in the arena at the end of the battle, after surviving through all maps, wins. And it goes successively to the following positions. (2nd last to die gets the 2nd place.)
Will there be Tournaments in BomberZilla?
➡️ There will be seasonal tournaments. A season last for three months. The rewards of this event will be very unique, and we will make them attractive to any player. Other special tournaments will happen eventually.
How to participate in tournaments?
➡️ Each tournament will have its selection criteria. It can vary from Ranking position to the holder of BBZ tokens, e.g.
What is the BomberZilla Token Contract?
➡️ The contract will be published on the project's official channels as well as on the official website during the eve of the pre-sale opening.
Where can I purchase the BBZ token?
➡️ You can participate in our whitelist that runs until XX/XX/XXXX or the Public Pre-Sale on XX/XX/XXXX. After that, it will only be available on Pancakeswap.
What is a Whitelist?
➡️ A Whitelist is a list of users who have exclusive access to purchase a project's tokens on more favorable terms before it is listed on exchanges or offered to the general public. Link whitelist here!
What do you need to consider
➡️ You must understand that you are investing in something in its early stages. It may take some time before you realize the full potential of your investment and you can be rewarded for joining earlier.
What stage is BomberZilla at?
➡️ In the case of BomberZilla, you will be investing in a project that already has a ready and working game. This means that you will probably be able to recover and even multiply your investment in a shorter time.
How do I minimize the risks?
➡️ Do your own research, read up on the articles shared by the project and join the community.
When is the pre-sale?
➡️ The whitelist will be open on (to be defined), and the public pre-sale will be on (to be defined). leave a whitelist link on gleam to access and participate.
On which platform will the pre-sale take place?
➡️ It will be held on the BomberZilla website.
What will be the supply of the BBZ?
➡️ The Max Supply is 30,000,000. All details are laid out in Tokenomics.
What will be the price of the Token?
➡️ Whitelist: 1 BNB = 4000 BBZ Public sale: 1 BNB = 3500 BBZ
❓Will the token be available on DEXes and CEXes?
➡️ The market opening will take place on the PancakeSwap DEX. As soon as we reach decent volatility on the DEX, we will start listing on CEXes with the market's trust.
What is the Slippage for the BBZ token?
What will be the usability of the BBZ Token?
➡️ Buy Chest
➡️ Buy Stamina
➡️ Buy Potion
➡️ Bet System
➡️ "Free to Play" Access
Will the liquidity be blocked?
➡️ Yes. It will be locked for one year on Unicrypt. The link will be shared as soon as the stake is made.
Will there be vesting for whitelisted sales and public sales?
➡️ There will be no vesting period!
How many people will be on the Whitelist?
➡️ We will have a maximum of 2000 spots in the whitelist, and we will select 1500 winners from those with the highest score, plus 500 random winners. Link here!
What will be the Softcap and Hardcap of the project?
➡️ Soft Cap: 1500 BNB Hardcap: 4000 BNB.
Visit the BomberZilla Tokenomics.
What's the offer?
➡️ Total supply: 30,000,000.
When will the public sale take place?
➡️ The pre-sale will open on ( - to be defined). Please check this link for more details:
How much can I buy in a public sale?
➡️ Min = no min.
Max = 4 BNB per wallet.
How do I know if I've won a spot on the whitelist?
➡️ At the end of the whitelist, on XX/XX/XXXX, the list of winners will be announced. You will also be able to follow the ranking with the top 100 entries in the whitelist through the link on our website - link
About the Market
➡️ The market is volatile and works in waves. It has always been that way, from the beginning with BTC and well before that with the stock exchange and stock market. As we live in a time of significant changes in every global and economic context, something like this is normal. The market will always have its lows and highs, which defines the moments of opportunity for major players in the market. We always have a positive market sentiment when it comes to our work.
Crisis and opportunity go hand in hand
➡️ The current bear market is a rare opportunity for the long-term investor, as the market always tends to rise again and with more force! Whenever the price of cryptocurrency is going up, people start spending a lot more. When an asset as volatile as any cryptocurrency rises in value, people tend to have anticipatory expectations. This volatility increases the scarcity of coins as more people want to own them.
Beware of scams‼️
➡️ Especially on launch day! Just click on the official links! - Our group has space for discussions and suggestions, not for attitudes of sarcasm and disrespect. Rude attitudes will be dealt with by silencing and banning. - Always check the official information on the ad channel - Carefully read our publications. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to bringing transparent and engaging communication, so that everyone understands, likes, and trusts.
How to offer partnerships?
➡️ marketing email [email protected]
Please send an email with a link to the platform(s) you operate on. Send a Dm to @BoMBeRZiLLa_Admin on telegram or BomberZilla Admin#8643 on Discord