The matches are held in arenas that are made up of 16 regular maps. Each map is a 13x11 block grid, with the four corners being the spawn points for players. Arenas are partially and randomly filled with blocks of the following types:
  • Iron Block - An indestructible block is located at fixed positions in the map. They act as defensive walls that shape the map’s layout.
  • Brick Block - These blocks are breakable by bomb explosions. There is a chance of power-ups dropping from these blocks when broken.
Players will face three different map types based on a 13x11 grid. The basics, which are played like a standard game:
A map with gaps that players cannot cross, but explosions can:
Bricks and Hole
And a map with some ice floor on which the characters slides (there may be blocks placed above the ice):
Bricks and Ice
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