BomberZilla - an explosion of fun, nostalgia, and innovation.
BomberZilla (BBZ) is a fun and nostalgic game built on the blockchain where players can collect items, compete, bet, and earn rewards. Players can engage in crypto royale battles against other players in dynamic tournaments and electrifying matches.
BomberZilla Blockchain-Based
Powered by Blockchain
With the security of player transactions in mind, BomberZilla leverages the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain technology. On top of the convenience of transacting on a decentralized ledger, this will also ensure the immutability, security, and traceability of players' transactions.
The game uses a low-poly cartoon art style for a fun and cheerful vibe. Players will create the 3D models for the in-game avatars while the team provides the resources for the backdrops and props.
Contemporary embraces the classic
At Bomberzilla, the contemporary embraces the classic. We rewind the time to revisit the past and fast forward to new adventures and experiences. We will also leverage possibilities only made possible by blockchain technology. The mix of past and present adds to Bomberzilla's unique character, bringing in the best of both periods.
We invite you to embrace this project so you can have secure, practical, interactive, and profitable fun simultaneously!
This incredible adventure will give you a blast of feelings and experiences you will never forget.
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