Battle Pass

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The Battle Pass operates on a rewards delivery system based on the sum of scores in a player's matches during a season. It will be the primary reward system of a season, which lasts three months. The Battle Pass will allow players to earn valuable rewards that will help strengthen their BomberZ. Players can unlock new rewards per milestone, such as new heroes, skins, avatars, and more.

How does it work?

The Battle Pass will be divided into 60 levels, each requiring several season Points to reach and earn rewards. Season points can be earned by participating in battles and accomplishing in-game quests.
Purchasing the Battle Pass will give the player access to premium rewards. Levels range from 0 to 50, with the final level holding the player's rarest and most desirable rewards. Players who opt not to purchase the Premium Battle Pass will also receive season points at a significantly smaller amount.

Battle Pass reset

At the start of every season, the Battle Pass progress will reset, and the rewards will change according to the season's theme.

Battle Pass Advantages:

  • More valuable rewards as you level up.
  • Rewards exclusive to the Battle Pass.
  • Access to exclusive tournaments.