Season Tournament

Get ready!
Every week, there will be great tournaments at BomberZilla. There will be many players in these games, reaching up to 500 participants. Tournaments will be formatted based on custom matches. It will be essential to purchase a Battle Pass to participate, and match managers will be able to choose different criteria.
That includes spots reserved for "top-rank" players, players who carried out higher volumes of transactions, e.g. That week, have a certain number of tokens in their wallet and have a high volume of interactions and activities within the community and on Telegram and Discord channels, among other possibilities.
Regardless of other criteria, 10% of spots will be reserved for the most active players within the Bomberzilla community and socials.
The prizes will be defined and published during the announcement of the tournaments. The rewards will always be significant, a massive draw for any genuinely ambitious player.
Only the first three classifieds will receive prizes as in the BomberZilla battle system, the last player who remains in the arena and has passed through all the maps wins. The 2nd and 3rd ranked will be counted respectively as the penultimate and last to remain on the battlefield.
Those with lower rankings will not be eligible for any rewards. The ultimate goal of each tournament is to provide players with conditions to showcase their skills. Build your strategy and show that you are the best in the competition, getting valuable prizes and recognition from the entire Bomberzilla community.
The players must be prepared, as the tournaments can last longer sometimes. It's your responsibility to stay online and get the conditions to play the matches as long as they last.